Hole by Hole Overview

Hole by Hole playing tips from the Head Golf Professional at Sand Hollow

  • Hole #1

    Par 4 | 447 yds | HDCP 15 447 yds 432 yds 414 yds 371 yds

    This is a great starting hole with a wide fairway that connects with #9 fairway. There is more room to the right than you may see. Play directly at the fairway bunker off the tee for the best angle into the green.

    The green has a severe slope from right to left, so play right of the flag for a birdie opportunity.

  • Hole #2

    Par 5 | 577 yds | HDCP 7 577 yds 556 yds 545 yds 446 yds

    The bunker in the center of the fairway is reachable, so play to the left for safety. If you can carry the bunker you will be rewarded with a slope from right to left that will add distance to your drive.

    This is a difficult green to land in 2 but there is plenty of room to the left. Aim just to the inside right edge of the far left bunker to leave yourself with a comfortable distance for your 3rd shot into the green.

  • Hole #3

    Par 3 | 208 yds | HDCP 17 208 yds 195 yds 182 yds 134 yds

    The front left edge is a false front; take enough club for the distance. If wind is helping watch the flag for movement, the rocks on the right will block the wind at the green and will not always help.

  • Hole #4

    Par 4 | 463 yds | HDCP 5 463 yds 439 yds 429 yds 344 yds

    This is a great hole. With a dogleg right, the closer you play to the left side the shorter your approach will be but be careful, the left side desert will be in play.

    This green has some undulation to it, play at the flag best you can; get your par and move on to the next hole.

  • Hole #5

    Par 4 | 355 yds | HDCP 13 355 yds 347 yds 306 yds 244 yds

    This is a shorter hole, driveable for the bigger hitters and with helping wind, but an iron is a great play to keep you out of trouble. Pick a club that will give you a comfortable approach distance into the green.

    The green is tight so play it a little short. Most shots will run away to the back if you’re not careful.

  • Hole #6

    Par 4 | 493 yds | HDCP 1 493 yds 468 yds 442 yds 354 yds

    The number 1 handicap hole on the course with a dogleg left, the rock in the fairway is a great aiming point. Play just to the right edge and you’ll have a straight look at the green. Don’t get creative; fairway is the best place to be!

    With a downhill shot into the green play a shorter club than normal for this distance. The back right drops severely away from you; if the pins up front to middle don’t go long!

  • Hole #7

    Par 5 | 577 yds | HDCP 3 577 yds 563 yds 537 yds 453 yds

    A long, straight away par 5, play to the tongue in the first fairway bunker you see and you’ll find yourself in the middle of the fairway. There is plenty of grass to the right, nothing tricky here.

    There are 2 bunkers guarding the green on a long approach, on the right about 70 yards from the green and on the left next to the green. Lay up 100 yards from the green for the best look at a birdie. With a huge slope on the green from front to back, a hicher approach shot here will help keep the ball on the green.

  • Hole #8

    Par 3 | 162 yds | HDCP 11 162 yds 158 yds 141 yds 121 yds

    This par 3 plays slightly up hill and is usually into the wind, so double check your distance and club selection. You don’t want to find yourself in any of the bunkers surrounding this green. Par is a great score here.

  • Hole #9

    Par 4 | 433 yds | HDCP 9 433 yds 404 yds 374 yds 317 yds

    If you dare aim up the right side of the fairway for the best look into this uphill green, be careful though, there is desert on the right that will cause you problems. The further left you play, the more uphill your approach will be, but your drive will find grass.

    With an elevated green make sure you have enough club to make it on top, with a false front and a deep bunker guarding you don’t want to be short!

  • Hole #10

    Par 5 | 565 yds | HDCP 10 565 yds 534 yds 513 yds 430 yds

    With a long Par 5, middle of the fairway is perfect. The desert on the left will come into play. Aim to the inside of the bunker on the right and you will be in prime location for your second shot.

    The landing area for your next shot is left of the green, there is a bunker on the right guarding the green. Stay short of the bunker or to the left and you have a good look at the green and a birdie opportunity.

  • Hole #11

    Par 3 | 190 yds | HDCP 16 190 yds 164 yds 154 yds 114 yds

    This Par 3 plays slightly down hill, make sure you take enough club to carry the bunker. The green slopes severally left to right, so any tee shot played on the hill left will kick down to the green.

  • Hole #12

    Par 4 | 443 yds | HDCP 2 443 yds 432 yds 372 yds 294 yds

    This is the narrowest fairway you will encounter on the Championship Course with trouble to the right and left. Play to the center and move forward.

    This shot will play drastically uphill, add one or more clubs to ensure you reach the putting surface. The bunkers on the right of the green are deep and will create some trouble.

  • Hole #13

    Par 4 | 320 yds | HDCP 14 320 yds 304 yds 261 yds 200 yds

    If you have it in your bag this is a drivable Par 4. If that’s not your style, lay up in front of the bunker on the left. There is room over the bunker on the left side of the green.

    When the pin is located in the front or middle this shot is straight forward, when the pin is in the back it can be tricky. Too long is no good and short of the ridge can bring a 3 putt into play.

  • Hole #14

    Par 4 | 525 yds | HDCP 4 525 yds 433 yds 411 yds 333 yds

    This fairway slopes right to left, land your shot short of the bunker on the left or to the right of that bunker.

    This green has a lot of activity, ridges and valleys on all quadrants. There is a bunker on the back left that can be hidden form your sight, middle of the green and a 2 putt is always a great par.

  • Hole #15

    Par 3 | 230 yds | HDCP 8 230 yds 191 yds 158 yds 113 yds

    "Devils Throat!" Sand Hollow’s signature hole, this Par 3 will test your ability to play under pressure. Too far left and the ball is gone, too far right and the ball will find a home in the deep rough or will kick off the hill to the left …and is gone. The green has 2 tiers, play to the right tier to take your par and move on.

  • Hole #16

    Par 4 | 369 yds | HDCP 18 369 yds 355 yds 345 yds 266 yds

    With the desert on the right, you want to aim at the small bunker in the middle and stay safe. There is room to the left over the bunker but beware of the desert on that side as well.

    This shorter Par 4 will leave you with a short iron or wedge in your hand. With a ridge running through the middle of the green make sure you know where the pin is located.

  • Hole #17

    Par 5 | 523 yds | HDCP 12 523 yds 493 yds 466 yds 415 yds

    A reachable Par 5 in 2 shots if you play it right. The best landing spot is in front of the waste area just right of the far left bunker. The safe play is to the middle of the fairway to the right. The bigger hitters will want to play a 3 wood off the tee to avoid the large waste area that goes across the fairway.

    This green looks small, but if you have seen the green before it is larger than it appears. The right side has a false face and can cause a tricky up and down. The miss here is to the left and short of the green.

  • Hole #18

    Par 4 | 435 yds | HDCP 6 435 yds 425 yds 412 yds 357 yds

    This Par 4 is a great finishing hole. This hole plays uphill, the landing area is right between the fairway bunkers. The bunker on the right is reachable for some, check your yardages.

    With an uphill shot be sure to take enough club to make the green. There are bunkers on the left and back right of the green. This green can be played to the middle and 2 putt for a finishing Par.

Sand Hollow Championship Course Scorecard